Get specifics on how Thanacare supports ACP and Quintuple Aim goals

Planning ahead provides relief

Thanacare's HIPAA-compliant platform enables healthcare professionals to remotely engage their patients to capture, certify, and make accessible their healthcare directives and wishes. Out-of-the-box obtain ACP capabilities related to clinical, operational, and financial needs.

A Advocate for better medical decision making.

Planning ahead

Too often it is easier to say "yes" to additional treatment, rather than "no, let's not do anything more" when it may mean preserving quality of life. Planning and thoughtfully discussing and documenting wishes will make the end-of-life process better, softer, more peaceful, and less stressful for patients and their loved ones.

Clear Aim

The platform helps achieve Quintuple Aim goals by giving healthcare professionals and patients a tool in which they can leverage ACP to have a better user experience. This improved control over end-of-life medical decisions results in reduced stress and more confidence for all stakeholders.

Quintuple Aim Outcomes

Accessible and accurate ACP
Reduce inappropriate utilization
Empower patients to own ACP
Fewer inpatient admissions
Reduce family conflict
Provide support for acute care
Reduce inpatient mortality
Bridge gaps in care transitions
Innovate end-of-life

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