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A New Way To Get Advance Care Planning Done

Give your patients a new ACP experience with Thanacare's platform

Preparation provides clarity

Our mission is to join the movement to increase advance care planning completion percentages across all demographics. Thanacare's HIPAA-compliant platform enables healthcare professionals to engage their patients remotely and in-person to capture, certify, and make accessible their healthcare directives and wishes.

Documenting your wishes

Our platform streamlines the documentation of advance care planning directives and takes steps to ensure they are upheld.

How the platform works
A Advocate for better medical decision making.

Bridge the gap

Real time flexibility and availability of ACP directives help bridge the gap between care settings.

Your patients' ACP is available 24/7

Peace of mind

Through better planning and medical decision-making support, Thanacare significantly reduces the stress and anxiety associated with death, providing you the opportunity to die more gracefully.

Your patients' new ACP experience



"I had put this off for years. Thanacare was the solution I needed to finally create a plan for my end of life. This really reduced the stress on me and my family."


“Thanacare has prompted me to think about and plan for any serious medical or end-of-life care based on my own decisions.  When I had time to think through those decisions.  It has given me peace of mind for future medical uncertainties.  Especially because I won't burden my family into guessing what I would want them to choose for me.”


"Making my end-of-life care plan with Thanacare was thorough, easy, and educational. It was like working with family."