ACP POV: Interventional Neuroradiologist

May 30, 2023
3 min
Dr. Michael Madison, CEO

Interventional neuroradiologists play a crucial role in the treatment of strokes and aneurysms, which can be life-threatening conditions. In these cases, advance care planning is important because it helps the interventional neuroradiologists make informed decisions about the patient's care.

One way advance care planning can help interventional neuroradiologists is by ensuring that the patient's treatment aligns with their goals and values. For example, some patients may prioritize prolonging their life, while others may prioritize quality of life over quantity. Advance care planning discussions can help patients articulate their priorities, which can guide the interventional neuroradiologist's decision-making process.

Additionally, advance care planning can help interventional neuroradiologists weigh the benefits and risks of different treatment options. For example, some procedures may carry a higher risk of complications, such as bleeding or infection, which may be unacceptable to some patients. Advance care planning discussions can help interventional neuroradiologists understand the patient's preferences and make decisions that balance potential benefits and risks.

Another important aspect of advance care planning is the use of advanced directives. Advanced directives can provide guidance to interventional neuroradiologists in situations where the patient is unable to communicate their preferences. For example, if a patient has a DNR order in place, the interventional neuroradiologist may prioritize less aggressive treatment options that do not involve resuscitation.

Ultimately, advance care planning plays an important role in helping interventional neuroradiologists treat strokes and aneurysms. By involving patients in the decision-making process, understanding their preferences, and using advanced directives as guidance, interventional neuroradiologists can provide patient-centered care that is aligned with the patient's goals and values.