Press Release: Thanacare and International Doula Life Movement Announce Partnership

September 28, 2023
Press Release
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Thanacare, an integrated end-of-life care management platform, and International Doula Life Movement (IDLM), a leader in death doula education and enablement, have announced a new partnership to bring Thanacare's platform to IDLM's students and professionals. IDLM providers practicing on the Thanacare platform will be able to offer patients a more connected hybrid end-of-life care experience through streamlined processes, enhanced digital capture and distribute capabilities, and give access to more patients across the broader nationwide network of IDLM death doulas.

"Thanacare's platform is leveraged by leading provider organizations to scale end-of-life clinical workflows, and we’re thrilled to add IDLM as our newest collaborator," said Dr. Michael Madison, chief executive officer and founder at Thanacare. "Death doulas and death educators are an increasingly critical variable in the patient's end-of-life care journey, and we're proud to empower those providers with a goal to scale a graceful death for all people."

"Thanacare revolutionizes the end-of-life experience by providing End of Life Doulas with a fully compliant platform, enabling them to offer unparalleled support to clients," said Anna Adams, founder and chief executive officer at IDLM. "By joining forces, Thanacare and IDLM create a powerful combination to enhance the end-of-life journey for individuals. Together, we redefine care and support."

The Thanacare platform enables death doulas, providers, patients, and innovators to deliver more efficient, higher quality end-of-life care across all hybrid environments, including in-person, virtual and automated care. With access to Thanacare's integrated end-of-life platform, IDLM death doulas can complete documents electronically, manage and share their client's care more efficiently, and process all required conversations from one platform.

"With Thanacare's fully compliant platform, End of Life Doulas can deliver their expertise with ease, ensuring clients receive the support they deserve," said Pam Carter, Director at IDLM. "Thanacare's advanced platform transforms end-of-life planning, providing End of Life Doulas with the tools they need to guide clients through this important process."

An individual’s end-of-life journey outcome is highly dependent on documenting wishes upstream from emergent medical scenarios. Secure digital access to advance care planning and end-of-life wishes results is essential for scaling a better patient death experience. Thanacare's commitment to enabling accessible in-person and virtual care by granting IDLM providers practicing on the Thanacare platform expanded access to help better outcome at the end-of-life for all stakeholders.

About International Doula Life Movement

International Doula Life Movement (IDLM) is a leading death doula education and enablement firm in the United States and globally, connecting and enabling providers and innovators to become death doulas and deliver greater access to more affordable, higher quality end-of-life care. IDLM believes that hybrid care delivery will transform healthcare. The company offers a comprehensive education platform to support all end-of-life planning needs from urgent to acute and post-acute care, as well as chronic care management and healthy living. With nearly three decades of experience, IDLM leaderships powers students and graduates to help solve the issues that are systemic at the end-of-life care. For more information, please visit