Quality versus Quantity at End of Life Care

May 23, 2023
1 min
Justin Hallen, VP of Partnerships

American doctors must focus on the quality of life during end of life care rather than the quantity of life because prolonging life at all costs may not always be in the patient's best interest. End of life care should prioritize the patient's comfort, dignity, and emotional well-being, rather than solely focusing on extending their lifespan. Patients may prioritize spending time with loved ones, participating in meaningful activities, or minimizing pain and suffering over extending their life. By focusing on quality of life, doctors can provide patient-centered care that respects the patient's preferences and values, rather than imposing treatments that may not align with the patient's goals. Additionally, prioritizing quality of life may ultimately lead to better health outcomes, as patients who receive patient-centered care that respects their preferences and values may experience less anxiety and depression, as well as reduced symptoms of pain and discomfort. Overall, focusing on the quality of life during end of life care is essential to providing compassionate, respectful, and patient-centered care that honors the patient's unique needs and priorities.