Establish ownership of end-of-life planning documents between patient and clinician

Patient-centric, Clinician-led

Built by the collaborative efforts of our interdisciplinary team, the Thanacare platform is an integrated tool that empowers delivery of value-based care. Providing ACP visibility for all stakeholders at the end of life so alignment is established and understood. Thanacare ensures real-time support to make sure end-of-life wishes are captured, shared, applied, and upheld 24/7.

Constantly refined, Thanacare is built upon years of professional experience guiding individuals through extremely challenging times. We have developed a platform you can count on to make end of life planning easier and less stressful. The platform is the organizational ACP infrastructure that can be tailored to any group. Out-of-the-box it gives complete capability to succeed in taking on the risk of total cost-of-care for a Medicare population.

Platform Features

Customizable ACP experience

Your patients trust your documents, give them a modern, branded option

24/7 Advocacy for better medical decision making

24/7 access and availability

Bridge the gap between care settings and know your patients' ACP

Modern capture and sharing of ACP

Capture and share remotely, then certify through Remote Online Notarization and eSignature. Or print and do it the old fashion way

Enabling ownership

Thanacare's permission-based account management supports secure and efficient ownership of documents.

Digital registry to discuss ACP

Provide a digital space for your clinicians and patients to meet, educate, and converse about ACP


When our Partners and Clients need additional support to complete advance care planning, Thanacare Advocates step up.

Dedicated Advocate

Leverage Thanacare Advocates to engage and capture their end-of-life care wishes. Plans created within Thanacare's platform are easy to access, edit, and share with loved ones and medical team members.

Trained and Experience Professionals

Our Advocates are rigorously trained to navigate the difficult landscape of end-of-life care planning. All Advocates are seasoned healthcare professionals who have a personal passion for ensuring a high-quality end of life.

Healthcare Liaison

If desired, our Advocates are prepared to serve as a liaison between patients and care teams in a call center. Patients can call and text trusted EOL-trained Advocates 24/7.

ACP Directives

- Healthcare Agent: Patients select the agent they trust to make medical decisions for them when they are unable to

- Living Will: 
Capture your patients' EoL preferences regarding medical decisions in circumstances in which they are no longer able to express informed consent

- Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment:
POLST forms specify medical order preferences to be honored by healthcare workers during a medical crisis

Your voice, your message.

Your patients can record and leave a video of their plan articulating their end of life wishes. Their personalized video recording can be accessed by whomever they want so that their loved ones and care team can feel comforted knowing medical decisions are based on your patients' preferences.

The video recording can aid in enabling your patients' family to truly understand and advocate for their loved one's end of life wishes. By planning ahead and providing this information to their family, patients are relieved of the stressful role of making medical decisions on their loved ones behalf.

A Advocate for better medical decision making.

Planning ahead

Too often it is easier to say "yes" to additional treatment, rather than "no, let's not do anything more" when it may mean preserving quality of life. Planning and thoughtfully discussing and documenting wishes will make the end-of-life process better, softer, more peaceful, and less stressful for patients and their loved ones.

Clear Aim

The platform helps achieve Quintuple Aim goals by giving healthcare professionals and patients a tool in which they can leverage ACP to have a better user experience. This improved control over end-of-life medical decisions results in reduced stress and more confidence for all stakeholders.

Quintuple Aim Outcomes

Accessible and accurate ACP
Reduce inappropriate utilization
Empower patients to own ACP
Fewer inpatient admissions
Reduce family conflict
Provide support for acute care
Reduce inpatient mortality
Bridge gaps in care transitions
Innovate end-of-life